Samana Rio Los Cocos Waterfalls Tour + Beach Fun at Playa Las Flechas... Samana Shore Excursions and Tours for Cruise Ship from the Town and Port of Samana...

We Explore
one of our
Hidden Beauty,
the beautiful
Waterfall of
Rio Los Cocos
and then
we go to the
Famous Beach
of Playa Las

Beach Tour to Playa Las Flechas in Samana Bay with Marivanna Tours, License Tour Operator in the Town of Samana...

Rio Los Cocos Waterfalls
+ Beach Fun at Playa las Flechas

Whale Watching Tour in Samana Dominican Republic.

We started the day walking the streets of Samana to one of our hidden beauty, the beautiful waterfall of Rio Los Cocos. two hours after a refreshing swim, we head towards Beach Fun at Playa Las Flechas, the famous beach where was fought the first battle between the local Indians and the Spaniards.

Drinks are included: Water, Piña Colada or Coco Loco.
This Tour last for 4 hours.

Adults      $00.00 USD P/P
Children  $00.00 USD P/P





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